Saturday, 18 February 2017

quiche, sort of

I added potatoes and onions to a basic quiche recipe, sort of trying to copy Simon Hopkinson's potato pie - actually it was almost nothing like it but it was quite tasty and great for filling an empty tummy.

Actual shortcrust: 60g lard, 120g cold cubed butter, 200g plain flour, one egg yolk, salt. This was blind-baked and filled when the crust was cool.

Cooked sliced potatoes and onions were layered with some bacon pieces (already cooked), an egg and cream mixture, with and salt and pepper.

Monday, 23 January 2017

and again

the starter was very bubbly, and this shows in the bake.

Cooked well all the way through.
Started off with maximum heat in oven.
Water tray at bottom for heat.
Loaves in with spray from water bottle for extra steam.
Turned oven down to gas 7 setting.
20 minutes one side, then turned around for another 30 minutes, including 10 minutes for the underneath which is always soft - have to turn loaf upside down to finish off.

Taste and texture - 8/10. Would like more 'sourness'.
How to achieve this?

After completely cold, cut loaf into good thick slices, wrapped in brown paper, then cling film, then put into zip lock bags for freezer.

Excellent for toast and lemon marmalade.

Bonne Maman lemon marmalade (my current fad)

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Thursday: sourdough again

Getting back into making sourdough after a long absence.
Starter taken out of freezer.
This is second loaf made. Better fermentation than first one, but final dough was a bit 'sloppy' ... ?
Retarded overnight for 12 hours.
Took out of fridge and didn't bring up to room temperature as the spring-back indicated it was ready to bake. Used Banneton baskets - (I am beginning to like the long one rather than the round).

Bake: much better. Hot water tray in bottom of high oven, creating steam.
40 minutes at 200 degrees, swapping half way through bake. Turned loaf over for final extra 10 minutes because bottom was soft.

Taste: really nice.


Wednesday, 18 January 2017

It is the season

What's in season?

January has lots to offer and whilst clementine and Seville oranges are on their way out, blood oranges are in and today I feel like eating something fresh, not sweet but cleansing. Blood orange fruit salad with pomegranate.

It is absolutely worth going to the trouble of segmenting the oranges so there is no pith or membrane. Once this has been done, one pomegranate and its seeds are added. If the orange is a little bitter, sprinkle a little sugar to dissolve into the juice.

This refreshing bowl needs absolutely no accompaniment because it is already a perfect combination of sweet and bitter.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

a cook's diary

Cooking is fundamental to my enjoyment of life. I live to eat.

I have been cooking since childhood and there are recipes I have been making for many years, including long-remembered family dishes which I have passed onto my family. So many dishes!

It's amazing, though, how I forget what delicious food I have made over the years so this blog is purely for me - a diary of what I cook with reminders of how I made it, what went wrong, what could be improved, and the new dishes I make from my library of cookbooks that I have never made before.

There's no amazing photography here; nothing clever or fashionable.

This is a just diary, and I am just an ordinary home cook.

(Bonne Maman's Seasonal Cookbook)