Wednesday, 28 December 2016

a cook's diary

Cooking is fundamental to my enjoyment of life. I live to eat and love to cook, learning at my mother's and grandmothers' sides. One grandmother was great at baking scones and the Christmas pudding, the other was great at baking cakes. My mother, on the other hand was a trained cook and knew all the basics and, lucky for me, I learned by osmosis over the years always watching every step she made. Also lucky for me, she knew how to not waste food and leftovers were a great staple in our house.

As I have been cooking since childhood these were at first were my mother's recipes including long-remembered family dishes, which I have now passed onto my own family.

It's amazing, though, how I forget what delicious food I have made over the years since, particularly since my family have grown up. So this blog is purely for me - a diary of what I cook with notes of how I made it, what went wrong, what could be improved, plus new dishes I discover from my library of cookbooks which I have never made before. So many books - so many recipes! I do these on the weekends when I have more time.

There's no amazing photography here; nothing clever or on trend.

This is a just diary, and I am just an ordinary home cook.

(Bonne Maman's Seasonal Cookbook: stuffed lamb with redcurrant glaze)

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